10 Challenges for Imran Khan as Prime Minister

Introduction :

Imran Ahmed Khan Niazi better known as Imran Khan is a former cricketer, philanthropist and politician from Pakistan.  His political party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf became the largest political party in general election 2018. As a result, Khan was elected as 22nd Prime Minister of Pakistan. In his election campaign, he promised to create a welfare state if elected as Prime Minister. His party aims to bring prosperity to country by providing quality education, excellent health services and millions of employment opportunities. People have tied their hopes to Khan’s promises and are expecting an immediate relief.

imran khan - Chairman PTI

10 Challenges for Imran Khan as PM

Pakistani nation voted for Imran Khan to bring ‘The Change’ he promised. His voters may abandon him in next elections if he fails to deliver. We have listed down 10 biggest challenges Khan is facing as Prime Minister.

1 – Sita White Case

Khan is facing a disqualification case in Islamabad High Court for concealing his alleged daughter Tyrian Jade in his nomination papers. Jade is the daughter of Khan’s former girlfriend Sita White. Jade was born out of wedlock. A Los Angeles court has already announced verdict against Imran Khan in this regard. Many of Khan’s opponent are urging for a DNA test. The case may end Khan’s political career if he is proven guilty.

2- Foreign Relations

A coherent and well formulated foreign policy is essential for any country. At present, Pakistan does not have good relations with its neighbors except China. Country’s future economy heavily relies on CPEC. Pakistan receives foreign aid from many powerful countries and international organizations. The country needs an effective foreign policy for improving its tarnished image in the world. Pakistanis hope that Imran Khan will be able to project a friendly reflection of Pakistan.

3 – The Establishment

Establishment is a term generally used to describe a dominant group of elites that holds authority in a nation. In Pakistan, the terminology is used for cooperative federation of high ranking civil servants, military officers, judiciary, intelligence agencies and upper class. Khan’s political opponents accused him of being a representative of establishment rather than public. Of course, he denies these accusations. Imran Khan is a man who likes running things on his own terms. Will Khan be able to suppress establishment’s alleged influence on domestic and foreign policies? Only time will tell.

4- Keeping the Coalition Intact

PTI emerged as leading centric party in 2018 elections. However, it failed to secure enough seats to form the government on its own. Current government alliance consists of PTI, MQM, BAP, GDA, PML-Q and AML etc. If a party decides to leave the coalition, it would create many problems for Imran Khan.

5 – Economy

Pakistan is currently facing adverse economic situation. Almost 30% of population is living under poverty line. The country needs 9 billion USD to run financial affairs. Imran Khan criticized former governments for taking loans from foreign financial institutions such as IMF and World Bank. Managing finances without loans would be very challenging for PTI led government.

6 – Law and Order

Pakistan is being listed as one of most dangerous countries by many international agencies. Law and Order situation has worsen in the country in recent times due to crimes, religious fanaticism, unlicensed firearms and corrupt law enforcement agencies. Imran Khan needs to devise an effective policy to counter suicide bombings, target killings, kidnapping for ransom and street crimes.

7 – Water Shortage

Water shortage is reaching an alarming level in Pakistan. It is posing a serious threat to country’s economy that heavily relies on agriculture.  Country’s two major dams (Tarbela and Mangla) have reached their dead level. According to IMF, Pakistan currently ranks third in the world among countries facing water scarcity. Construction of Kalabagh Dam was politicized in past. Diamer-Bhasha Dam is under construction and requires massive funding. Dealing with water shortage is going to be a big challenge for Imran Khan.

8 – Electricity Shortage

Pakistan is facing a severe electricity shortage. The issue did not emerge suddenly. It is an outcome of imprudent energy policies of previous governments. The country failed to develop cheap and abundant domestic energy sources. The power shortfall peaked to a record high value of over 9000MW in June 2018.  Imran Khan promised to resolve this issue in election campaign. Will he be able to deliver as promised?

9 – Unemployment

Unemployment is a major problem of Pakistan. It has been caused by uncontrolled population growth and unfavorable economic conditions. More than one million people are entering the job market every year.   Many investors have shifted their businesses to foreign countries due to shortfall of electricity. In his election campaign, Imran Khan vowed to provide 10 million jobs for Pakistani youth. The problem can only be solved by continuous economic growth, effective control on birth rate and industrial revolution. It is not going to be an easy task for Khan.

10- Housing Shortage

Pakistan is facing a shortage of over 10 million housing units. There is a huge demand for low-cost housing schemes. The issue needs to be addressed on priority basis. Imran Khan intends to build 5 million houses for poor in his term as Prime Minister. Will he fulfill his promise?

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