Capital Development Authority (CDA) – Anti Encroachment Operations

Capital Development Authority :

Capital Development Authority (abbreviated as CDA) is responsible for providing municipal services in Islamabad. Established in 1960, the corporation is in charge of estate management, sector developments and project execution. A few months ago, Supreme Court of Pakistan issued orders to CDA for taking actions against illegal constructions in Islamabad. CDA repeatedly asked the owners to vacate and demolish their illegal buildings voluntarily. Warnings issued by CDA were ignored by the violators. As a result, CDA launched a grand anti-encroachment operation against illegal encroachments across Islamabad on September 09, 2018. The operation was covered well by print and electronic media.

CDA Operation G-12

List of Demolished Buildings at Main Operation Site

Capital Development Authority demolished illegally constructed wedding halls, marquees, restaurants, petrol pumps, educational institutions, commercial plazas and residential buildings along the Kashmir Highway and in sector G-12. Heavy machinery was used for said purpose. The list of prominent demolished buildings is as under

  • Occasions Marquee
  • McDonalds (adjacent to PSO petrol pump)
  • Careem Office
  • Capitol Marriage Hall
  • Galaxy Marquee
  • Moon Restaurant
  • Golden Horse Marquee
  • Venue One
  • Anabia
  • Japan Motors
  • Crown Boys Hostel
  • Swat Shinwari
  • One Dollar Shop
  • Mehfil Restaurant
  • Regalian Marquee
  • Rohtas Marquee
  • Global enterprises
  • Islamabad Auction
  • Waziristan Market
  • Wood Factory
  • Pana flex Printing Workshop
  • Steel Workshop

Who Participated in the Operation?

The operation was conducted by officials from following government departments

  • Encroachment Directorate
  • Building Control Section
  • Directorate of Municipal Administration
  • Emergency & Disaster Management Unit
  • Rescue 1122
  • District Management (DCO Office)
  • Islamabad Territory Police
  • Rangers
  • Counter Terrorism Force

Notable Government Officials Present at the Location

Following officials were present during the operation

  • Sheheryar Khan Afridi, Minister of State of Interior
  • Khushal Khan, Member Estate
  • Faheem Badshah, Directorate Enforcement
  • Muhammad Hamza Shafqat, Deputy Commissioner Islamabad
  • Najee Bagvi, SSP Operations

CDA Operation - Kashmir Highway

Trivial Details

  • More than 350 personnel from law enforcement agencies assisted Capital Development Authority in the operation. Around 20 persons were arrested for resisting the operation.
  • The operation received mixed reviews from public and media. While most Islamabad citizens praised the operation, many raised questions on how these illegal buildings were built in the first place. A significant number of people demanded actions against corrupt elements in CDA.
  • Owners of demolished buildings accused Capital Development Authority for not informing them in time. According to many, CDA did not issue any advance notices before starting the operation.
  • Shaheryar Khan Afridi vowed to continue the operation without discrimination. He made it abundantly clear that illegal constructions would be demolished. He appreciated the efforts of officials from Capital Development Authority and Islamabad Territory Police. He said that government would monitor the operations but would not interfere in it. He asked the authorities not to harm anyone out of personal grudge.

Other Anti Encroachment Operations by CDA

Further mini operations were conducted at following locations by Capital Development Authority.

  • Faizabad : A joint team comprising officials from Directorate of Municipal Administration (DMA) and CDA’s Encroachment Directorate demolished 04 rooms, 02 canteen cabins, 02 ticket counters and 01 shed built illegally by Al-Makkah Coach.
  • Sector F-7/2 (Rana Market) : Several illegal constructions (platform, top floor, fence and fixtures) on CDA land were removed.
  • Sector F-11/3 : An illegally built buffalo’s shed along with 02 rooms located at Street # 49, F-11/3 were demolished. Environment Wing subsequently took custody of animals present at the location.
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