Chief Justice Found Alcohol Bottles in Sharjeel Memon’s Hospital Room

Introduction :

Sharjeel Memon is a Pakistani politician from Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP). He was born on June 14, 1974 in Hyderabad, Pakistan. Memon earned his Bachelor of Civil Enginerring from UET Mehran and MA Economics from University of Sindh.  He was an elected member of Sindh Provincial Assembly from June 200 to May 2018. Memon served as Minister for several departments in Sindh Government led by PPP. He was removed from provincial cabinet in December 2015. National Accountability Bureau (NAB) arrested Memon in October 2017 on corruption charges.

sharjeel memon

Discovery of Alcohol Bottles from Memon’s Room

Sharjeel Memon was shifted to Ziauddin Hospital on account of his ‘ilness’. Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar paid a surprise visit to Sharjeel on September 01, 2018 and allegedly found alcohol bottles in his room. Prior to the visit, Chief Justice was briefed at Supreme Court’s Karachi Registry by jail officials.  He learned that several influential prisoners were undergoing medical treatment at different hospitals declared as their sub-jails.

Details of Chief Justice’s Surprise Visit

Sharjeel Memon was sleeping in his VIP room when chief justice reached the hospital. A servant was present outside the room. Chief Justice asked the servant to wake Memon up to which he complied. Memon came out to greet the chief justice wearing black tshirt and trousers. He was walking without any support. Chief Justice entered Memon’s room and found some bottles of liquor. He inquired Memon about the bottles. Memon said that they did not belong to him.

Chief Justic allegedly took pictures of the bottles using his cell phone camera. Supreme Court staff sniffed bottles and confirmed alcohol smell. Chief justice issued orders to shift Sharjeel Memon back to Central Jail Karachi as he seemed in good shape. He also ordered his staff to contact chief secretary.

Evidence Collection

After Chief Justice returned to Supreme Court Registry, he sent the court staff back to hospital to get complete record of Memon’s hospital room. The court staff had to wait for the SHO. Hospital staff tried to stop them from entering the room. When they entered the room, they found Sharjeel Memon emerging from the washroom wearing a towel. Upon seeing court officials, he said that he had not drunk alcohol. He also offered them to get him medically examined.

Supreme Court staff made a complete video of the room and returned. Memon was shifted to the jail shortly after the incident. His driver and personal servant were taken into custody the police. A fresh case was registered against Memon by SHO Boat Basin Police Station. Hospital staff was ordered to provide CCTV footage of hospital cameras for the last month.



Reaction from PPP Leaders

PPP leader Nasir Hussain Shah said that reports about liquor were not true. He claimed that there was honey in decanter bottle and olive oil in vodka bottle. He suggested that Sharjeel Memon could undergo a medical exam to prove he had not consumed alcohol. He said that Memon had undergone a surgery recently. He demanded urgent release of Memon’s servant and driver.

PPP Co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari criticized on chief justice’s surprise visits to hospitals. He said that there were around 0.1 million pending cases in courts. He suggested that chief justice should concentrate on pending cases rather than paying surprise visits to hospitals.

Suspension of Jail Officials

After the incident, IG jail affairs Yaqoob Minhas suspended two jail officials deployed in Zianuddin Hospital outside Sharjeel Memon’s room. He also suspended sub-jail in charges Mujahid Khan and Ahmed Sajra.

Suspension of Chemical Examiner

Liquor bottles were handed over to provincial chemical examiner Dr Zahid Hasan Ansari. Later on, a video emerged featuring said official using his senses of taste and smell to check the contents of bottles. This non scientific examination took place in the presence of Police’s Inquiry Officer. In the video, it was declared that bottles contained Honey and Oil.  Dr Ansari was suspended by Sindh government for disclosing classified information. The video of examination went viral on social media.

Blood Test Results

Sharjeel Memon’s blood samples were sent to two different hospitals for testing. Test results revealed that no traces of alcohol were found in the blood. Many medical experts argue that test done of Memon’s blood were of short time span and that traces of alcohol are hard to detect after 24 hours of consumption.

Alleged Evidence Tampering

Sindh chief secretary expressed his suspensions that Memon’s blood samples seemed to be tampered because they did not contain any traces of alcohol. Hospital staff did not draw blood from Sharjeel Memon. It was not possible for hospital to confirm when and where the blood was drawn.

DIG Javed Alam Odho expressed grief that all evidence recovered from the hospital had been destroyed. He based his opinion on the CCTV footage of hospital. Allegedly, a person took bags containing crucial evidence and returned with them after one and a half hour.

Chief Justice on ‘Honey and Oil’

According to Justice Mian Saqib Nisar, he saw no bottles of honey and oil in Memon’s room. Chief Justice says that Sharjeel Memon did not deny that there was liquor in the bottles, he merely denied owning them instead.

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