dil se dil tak


Dil Se Dil Tak is a television drama series of Indian origin. The drama is aired on Indian TV, Colors. Dil Se Dil Tak is a hindi sentence which means From Heart to Heart. It is a romantic drama produced by Shashi Sumeet Productions. The drama was first aired on January 30, 2017. So far 115 episodes of the drama have been on aired. Dil Se Dil Tak is aired five days a week from Monday to Friday. The drama is distributed by Viacom 18. The drama is produced in Gujrat, India. The drama is written by Shashi Mittal and Sumeet Hukamchand Mittal.

dil se dil tak

Dil Se Dil Tak Storyline

Bhanushali is a rich Gujrati family. The family has rich culture and traditions. Parth Bhanushali is the grandson of the family. Parth meets a beautiful bengali girl, Shorvori. Shorvori works in his office. He falls in love with her. Parth marries Shorvori despite opposition of his family. Parth and Shorvori live in Bhanushali property but segregated from the family. Parth’s family refuses to accept the marriage. They ask them to leave the house after two years of marriage. Parth and Shorvori are in deep love, so they leave the house.

They meet an accident on the way to the airport. The accident brings them back to the Bhanushali house. There the pregnancy of Shorvori is revealed. So dada ji (grand father) allows Shorvori to stay in the house till the birth of the baby. Shorvori loses her child due to an accident. She becomes infertile later and they are unable to conceive. Parth and Shorvari keep this secret from the family. Parth’s mother finds the truth. She asks them to keep the secret or he will be sent abroad again. Parth and Shorvari decides to take the services of a surrogate mother. Teni, a gujrati girl is selected for surrogacy. Teni’s aim is to go to United States. Teni gets pregnant. The family thinks that Shorvari is pregnant. To hide the truth and take care of Teni, they plan go to America. Shorvari introduces Teni as her sister. However Bhanushalis are not in favor of Teni’s trip to America.

Their tickets are cancelled. When Teni discovers this, she lies to the family. She says that she is cousin of Shorvari and wants her help. Teni starts living in Bhanushalis house. Poyni (Parth’s aunt) and Sejal (Parth’s sister) doubt that Teni is telling lie. To break her, Sejal tries to malign Teni in front of the family. But Sejal did not succeed in getting the truth. Parth’s friend, Aman comes from United States. He is introduced as Teni’s lover. When Aman discovers that Teni is a surrogate mother of Shorvori’s child, he proposes Teni. Teni refuses the marriage proposal. Aman leaves the house.

Parth’s family arranges a vrat for Parth and Shorvori’s well being. Shorvori insists on her replacement with Teni in the Puja. Parth puts sindoor in hairline of Teni as a ritual, unwillingly. At this point he wants to tell the truth to his family. But Shorvori stops him.

Dil Se Dil Tak Cast

  • Teni, Played by: Jasmin Bhasin
  • Parth banushali, played by: Siddharth Shukla
  • Shorvori, played by: Rashami Desai
  • Aman Patel, played by: Kunal Verma
  • Dadaji, played by: Tej Sapru
  • Dadi, played by: Dolly Minhas
  • Ramnik Bhanushali, played by: Sachin Parikh
  • Indu Ramnik Bhanushali, played by: Vaishnavi Mahant
  • Poyni Bhanushali, played by: Urvashi Upaddhyay
  • Suyog Bhanushali, played by: Karan Goddwani
  • Forum Suyog Bhanushali, played by: Pooja Singh
  • Sejal Bhanushali, played by: Himani Sharma
  • Dr. Jalpa, played by: Khyati Keswani
  • Dr. Bharat, played by: Jignesh Joshi
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