diyar e dil

Diyar e Dil

Diyar e dil is a famous Pakistan drama created by Mominda Duraid. The drama was adapted from the novel diyar e dil, written by Farhat Ishtiaq. The drama aired on Hum TV in 2015. Diyar e dil had 33 episodes in total. Diyar e dil revolves around the lives of a family whose leader is Agha Jaan. Agha Jaan has two grandchildren named Wali and Faarah. Wali and Faarah struggle to reunite the family that fell apart due to Behroze. Behroze was the eldest son of Agha Jaan. Diyar e Dil is the winner of 12 Hum Awards. The awards include, Best drama serial, best director, best actress, best actor, best writer, and best original sound track. The drama also won Best TV Play and Best Original Soundtrack at Lux Style Awards.

diyar e dil

Diyar e Dil Storyline

Diyar e Dil is the story of a family whose elder is Agha Jaan (Bakhtiyar Khan). The family was separated due Behroze Khan who is Agha Jaan’s son. Agha Jaan wanted Behroze to marry Arjumand Bedar Khan. She is his cousin. Behroze refused to marry arjumand and married ruhina arsalan. Agha Jaan disowned Behroze khan. Behroze left his home to marry ruhina. Arjumand got married to Suhaib bakhtiyar khan against her will. Suhaib is the younger brother of Behroze. Behroze and ruhi came back for apology but agha jaan insulted them. Behroze and ruhi left the house and started a new life in Lahore. Arjumand and suhaib decided to keep a distance. So one couple lives in love and the other in depression. Suhaib and arjumand ultimately fell in love after the birth of their son Wali. Ruhi gave birth to a daughter Faarah. Although the two families live in separation but Suhaib never gave up on his elder brother. He kept looking for behroze. The family is reunited after suhaib’s death. As per Suhaib’s last wish Faarah and wali get married.

Ruhina was against this marriage and left behroze. Behroze dies due to her resentment. Faarah demanded divorce in grief of her father. She also demanded inheritance which escalated the tension in the family. Faarah told her mother that the demand of inheritance was added later in the agreement. She did not want inheritance. Agha Jaan becomes a heart patient. Wali kidnaps Faarah and locks her in a room in his summer resort. Wali offered an agreement to her. Wali would divorce her if Faarah lived with Agha Jaan for three months. She agrees. While living with Agha Jaan, she discovers the lies told by her uncle tajammul and mother. She develops love for wali. Ruhi also came to know truth about Behroze, Moeez and Zuhra. Faarah was kidnapped to retain her inheritance. Wali saved Faraah and got injured in the process. Moeez got imprisoned. Ruhi breaks her relationship with her brother and reunites with Agha Jaan. Faarah confesses her love for wali and they reconcile.

Diyar e Dil Cast

  • Agha Jaan: Played by Abid Ali
  • Wali Suhaib Khan: Played by Osman Khalid Butt
  • Faarah Wali Khan: Played by Maya Ali
  • Ruhina Behroze Khan: Played by Sanam Saeed
  • Arjumand Suhabi Khan: Played by Hareem Farooq
  • Behroze Bakhtiyar Khan: Played by Mikaal Zulfikaar
  • Suhaib Bakhtiyar Khan: Played by Ali Rehman Khan

Title Song

There are two title songs of Diyar e Dil. Yar-e-Mann is sung by Zebunnisa Bangash. Goyanke-Ishq Aqbat is sung by Momin Durrani. Title song was composed by Shani Arshad. Shani Arshad won the best original sound track Hum Award. The title song is in two languages, Urdu and Persian. The song is played in background of the drama. Sabir Zafar wrote the lyrics of the songs.

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