jannat k pattay


Jannat k Pattay is a famous Urdu novel written by Nimra Ahmed. The story beautifully covers many genres. It includes suspense, mystery, love and traveling. The story is based on two lead characters Jehan Sikandar and Haya Suleman. One story covers the topic of Hijaab. How Haya’s life was changed forever by one verse of the Quran. Haya was transformed from a modern girl to a Hijaabi girl. Jehan Sikandar’s life is another story of the novel. Jehan is a spy, the novel depicts the difficulties of his job.

Jannat K Pattay

Story Line of Jannat k Pattay

Mr. Suleman has two children, Haya and Rohail. Haya is a modern girl. Rohail completed his education from United States. Haya gets a scholarship from European Union. She goes to Turkey for five months. Haya applied for the scholarship due to Jehan. They both were in Nikah since childhood. But it was forgotten.

Suspense elements of the story are Khwaja Sira, Pinky, Dolly and Major Ahmed. Major Ahmed is a worker in cyber crime agency. He removed the dancing video of Irum and Haya from website. Major Ahmed also gave her advise of Jannat k Pattay. Dolly saved Haya from Waleed. He called her bay Haya. Pinki and Dolly are friends. Pinky told Haya that Dolly loves her.

Abdul Rehman Pasha is a famous smuggler. Haya was warned to protect herself from him. Turkey transformed Haya. She started Hijab in Turkey. Nimra Ahmed has given tafseer of Surah Ahzab in Jannat K Pattay. Ayshe Gul is another beautiful character. She has a sober and polite personality.

Other side of the story is about Jehan. He deeply understands Quran. Jehan suffers from an inferiority complex due to behavior of his father in the past. Jehan loves his country and is serving her. He was afraid that Haya would know his secret if she comes to Turkey, so he didn’t want her to come to Turkey. He helped Haya a lot. Initially he didn’t like Haya but later he became her admirer.

The main theme of Jannat K Pattay is to strengthen your belief. It depicts that one cannot rely on liberalism. Modernism is purely temporary and must end. Faith and good deeds are lasting. Haya’s Character has boosted our confidence in Hijab. It shows that if people are confident when they are wrong. Why not a girl in Hijab be confident and proud.

Locations in Novel

The beautiful locations of Turkey added to the beauty of the Novel. After reading about the places one wants to visit these places. The most interesting of these places is the Bosphorus Bridge. The Bosphorus Bridge is in Istanbul that connects Europe with Asia. Half of the bridge is in Europe and the other half in Asia.

Suspense In The Novel

The novel has a touch of suspense as well. When Haya received flowers and congratulations from Abdul Rehman Pasha, it was quiet shocking. Other suspense characters include Khawaja Sira, Major Ahmed, Pinky and Dolly. They would always come to rescue Haya whenever she was in trouble. The best part was tafseer of Surah Ahzab. She started wearing Hijab after reading the tafseer of Surah Ahzab.

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