namaz ka tarika

Namaz/ Salah

Salah or Namaz is one of the fundamental religious practice of the Muslims. Namaz is one of the five pillars of Islam. Namaz is offered five times a day. It is imperative for all Muslims to learn Namaz ka Tarika. Namaz is also mistakenly called prayer. Although Muslims use the word Dua for prayer. Namaz on the other hand is a religious ritual. The basic purpose of Namaz is to worship ALLAH. However ablution is mandatory before offering Namaz. The purpose of ablution is to communicate with ALLAH in the state of cleanliness. In ablution different parts of the body are thoroughly washed.

Namaz contains rakaats. Rakaat is the basic unit of Namaz. In each rakaat different words/ aayats are recited. Each rakaat has different positions. Takbir (ALLAH-o-AKBAR) is said before changing each position in Namaz. Namaz is ended with the traditional Muslim greeting, Assalam-o-Alaikum. Namaz is mandatory for all Muslims. Only children and women in menstruation or in bleeding after child birth are relieved from this duty.

Importance of Namaz

The basic purpose of Namaz is to worship ALLAH. Almost all school of thought consider it very important. Namaz starts with Surah Fatiha in which people asks for guidance from ALLAH. So you are asking ALLAH for guidance on a straight path (Siraat-e-mustaqeem) five times a day. ALLAH will surely guide you. Another important point is bowing. You need to bow twice before ALLAH in each rakaat. Bowing shows humbleness. If you bow before ALLAH, he won’t let you bow before anyone else. And the most important is dua that follows the namaaz. You share your problems with ALLAH and ask for his help. Dua brings you closer to ALLAH. As you only share your problems with those that are closer to you.

Requirements for Namaz

Necessary requirements for offering Namaz are:

  • You are a Muslim
  • You don’t have any psychological condition
  • You have reached an age of seven or above
  • You should face Qibla (the direction of Kaa’ba)
  • Your cloths and body are clean

Namaz Ka Tarika

Now we shall discuss Namaz Ka Tarika. Niyyat is imperative. First say the niyyat, raise hands up to ears and say ALLAH-o-Akbar. After ALLAH-o-Akbar say sana’:


After sana’ say Surah Fatiha. After Surah Fatiha say any Surah or few Ayats. Then say ALLAH-o-Akbar and go into Rukoo. In Rukoo say:


three times. After that stand up straight and say:


After that say ALLAH-o-Akbar and go into Sajda. In sajda say:

subhan rabi

three times. Then sit and after a moment do sajda again. After second sajda stand up and repeat second rakaat like the first one. In second rakaat after second sajda sit and say Attahiyat i.e.

Namaz Ka Tarika

Then if the Nimaz is of two rakaats, then after saying this say Durood-e-Ibraheemi. If the nimaz is of four rakaats then stand up. In the fourth rakaat after saying Attahiyat, say Durood-e-Ibraheemi and say dua:


There are other Duas as well. After saying dua turn your face towards right shoulder and say salam i.e.


Then turn your face towards left shoulder and say salam.

So this is namaz ka tarika. This concludes the namaz. After namaz pray before ALLAH for forgiveness and your needs. Remember us in prayers as well.

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