Pakistani Celebrities Wearing Hijab

Hijab :

A hijab is a tradition veil worn by Muslim females. They wear hijab in the presence of a non-mehram adult male. A big percentage of Muslim females wear hijab when they leave their houses. A moderate hijab covers the head and chest while leaving face, feet and hands uncovered. Conservative females also wear niqabs to cover their faces. Strict form of hijab includes black goggles, socks and gloves. This type of hijab hides a female body from head to toe; making her ‘completely invisible’. Hijab is primarily used for modesty and privacy. Wearing hijab in public is compulsory by law in Saudi Arabia, Iran and Aceh (an Indonesian province).   Pakistan is a Muslim country. Majority of Pakistani females wear some sort of hijab. The trend of wearing hijab is not limited to common Pakistani women. Pakistani Female celebrities from different fields have worn hijab for specific reasons. This article lists Pakistani celebrities who have worn hijab.

Pakistani Celebrities in Hijab

Actresses & Models

Ayeza Khan : Ayeza Khan trying hijab at the launching event of an Abaya Store at Dolmen Mall, Karachi. She looks the best among all other Pakistani celebrities who has worn hijab.

ayeza khan in hijab

Sumbul Iqbal : Sumbal Iqbal wore hijab for her role in drama serial Aik Pal.

sumbul iqbal in hijab 1

Maya Ali : Maya Ali wore hijab for her role in drama serial Shanakht.

maya ali in hijab 1

Arij Fatyma : Arij Fatyme wore hijab for her role in drama serial Aik Pal.

arij fatyma in hijab 1

Fariha Pervez : According to media rumors, Fariha Pervez has turned to religion. She will only be singing sufi songs in future.

fariha pervez in hijab-1

Neelam Muneer : Neelam Muneer wearing hijab while talking on her phone.

neelam-muneer-in-hijab 1

Farhan Maqsood : Farhana Maqsood’s selfie in hijab.

farhana maqsood in hijab 1

Sanam Chaudhry : Sanam Chaudhry wore hijab for her role in drama serial Kathputli.

sanam chaudhry in hijab 1

Fiza Ali : Fiza Ali‘s selfie in hijab.

fiza ali in hijab 1

Deedar : Stage actress and dancer Deedar performing Umrah in hijab.

deedar in hijab 1

Sara Chaudhry : Sara Chaudhry left showbiz and became a religious woman. She wears full hijab with a niqab.

sara chaudhry in hijab 1

Sataesh Khan : Sataesh Khan retired from showbiz and became a hijabi woman. Khan also urges other female Pakistani celebrities to wear hijab.

sataish khan in hijab 1

Nargis : Stage and film actress and dancer Nargis briefly left showbiz and became religious. She performed Hajj and starting wearing hijab. However, she returned to showbiz after some time.

nargis in hijab 1

Aminah Sheikh : Aminah Sheikh is married to actor Mohib Mirza. She is shown wearing a white hijab here.

aminah sheikh in hijab 1

Meera : Filmstar Meera went to an event at Governor House in hijab.

meera in hijab 1

Urooj Nasir : Family Front star Urooj Nasir became a religious woman and started wearing hijab. However, she did not leave showbiz completely. She still appears on TV as a host in some talk shows. Nasir ties to convince other female Pakistani celebrities to wear hijab.

urooj nasir in hijab 1

Maya Khan : Maya Khan wore in hijab in her show.

maya khan in hijab 1

Reema Khan : Reema Khan wearing hijab during Umrah with her husband and son.

reema khan in hijab 1

Sanam Baloch : Sanam Baloch wore hijab in her morning show.

sanam baloch in hijab 1

Sadia Imam : Sadia Imam was spotted wearing hijab.

sadia imam in hijab 1

Veena Malik : Veena Malik turned to religion after getting married. She wears hijab now.

veena malik in hijab

Madiha Iftikhar : Madiha Iftikhar wore hijab to perform Umrah with her family.

madiha iftikhar in hijab 1


The trend of wearing hijab is not limited to actresses only. Pakistani celebrities from politics has also worn hijab on certain occasions.

Benazir Bhutto : Benazir Bhutto wore hijab during her visits to Saudi Arabia and Iran. She is shown here wearing hijab while performing Umra.

benazir bhutto in hijab 1

Fahmida Mirza : Fahmida Mirza was spotted wearing hijab.

fahmida mirza in hijab 1

Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan : Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan wore hijab while meeting Irani President and Saudi Minister.

firdous ashiq awan in hijab 1

Media Personalities

Reham Khan : Reham Khan wore hijab for performing Umrah with her ex-husband Imran Khan.

reham khan in hijab

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