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PM Laptop Scheme is a program started for the students of Pakistan. The scheme was initiated by the ex-Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif. The scheme provides laptops to students of public sector universities. The Phase-1 of scheme was initiated in May 2014. Scheme-1 was based on marks obtained (cumulative) up to the year 2013-14. Phase-2 of PM Laptop Scheme was launched in 2015.  Total of 100,000 laptops were distributed among the students based on merit. Free 3G/ 4G EVO devices were provided with Phase-2 laptops. Currently PM Laptop Scheme Phase-4 and Phase-5 is going on.

pm laptop scheme

PM Laptop Scheme Objectives

This laptop scheme is intended for talented students. The main objective of this scheme is to enhance the scope of research and quality education in the country. The scheme aims to provide access to information technology. Investment in youth is the recognized as the best long-term investment for any nation. Many developed countries have changed their destinies by empowering their youths with state of the art skills. This laptop scheme aims to aid students in their academic and research activities. In today’s higher education system, a personal computing device is a must for every student. Students in their initial years of education are preferred in this laptop scheme.

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for PM Laptop Scheme Phase-4 and Phase-5 is given below:

Sr #ProgramMax. DurationEnrollment Date
1PhD5 YearsJune 30, 2012
2MS/ MPhil2 YearsJune 30, 2015
3MBA1.5/ 2.5/ 3.5 YearsDec 31 2015, Dec 31, 2014, Dec 31, 2013
4Masters (16 years of education)2 YearsJune 30, 2015
5Bachelors4/ 5 YearsJune 30, 2013, June 30, 2012
6DAE3 YearsJune 30, 2014
7BA/ BFSc (Only for FATA and ICT)2 YearsJune 30, 2015
8FA/ FSc (Only for FATA and ICT)2 YearsJune 30, 2015
  • Laptop will not be issued to those who have already received laptop from any other scheme by the Government.
  • Students of private sector universities are not eligible.
  • Students of any government college except federal capital and FATA
  • Foreign national are not eligible.
  • Students from AJK and Indian occupied Kashmir are eligible.
  • The laptops under PM laptop scheme are distributed on merit to talented students.
  • The latest academic performance is considered for merit list generation.

How To Apply?

Students can apply for PM laptop scheme by registering on HEC’s website. On the portal there are two options. Students applying first time should click New Registration. Those who are already registered can use Existing Applicants link to update their applications. Once registered students can check the result of their applications here.

Distribution Criteria

  • Each province has a proportionate share according to the overall enrollment of students in higher education institutes.
  • PhD, MPhil and MS or equivalent program students of any public sector universities are covered in PM Laptop scheme.
  • 2.5% quota is reserved for students of distant learning systems such as virtual university and Allama Iqbal open university.
  • 5% quota is reserved for students of Government polytechnic institutes and Government college of Technology.
  • 5% quota is reserved for post graduate college students of Federal Capital and FATA.
  • Remaining laptops for students of Bachelors and Masters (16 years) program of public sector universities. Students of waiting list from previous year are also included.

Merit Lists Criteria

Total of 100,000 laptops will be distributed under PM Laptop scheme. Whereas the number of eligible students is very large. Therefore the laptops are awarded strictly on merit basis. Merit lists criteria is given below:

  • 50% of the laptops are reserved for students of 1st year.
  • 20% laptops are reserved for students of 2nd year of 16 years bachelors program.
  • 10% quota is reserved for students of 3rd year of bachelors program.
  • 10% quota is reserved for students of 4th year of bachelors program or Masters (16 years of education) first year.
  • 10% quota is reserved for students of 5th year of bachelors program or Masters (16 years of education) 2nd year.
  • Students who have score 60% marks (annual system) or 70% marks (semester system) or equivalent GPA/ CGPA are eligible. Last examination only is considered for consideration in the merit list.
  • CGPA/ GPA conversion to percentage is decided according to formula defined by HEC.
  • Left over laptops from any level are distributed based on the decision by the project steering committee.


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