surah muzammil


Surah Muzammil is 73rd surah of the Quran. It is a Makki surat containing 20 ayats (verses). Muzammil means enwrapped one. The surah is named after the holy prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W). The holy prophet (S.A.W.W) used to wrap himself with cloak while praying at night. In this surah benefits of the night prayer are discussed. In the later ayats, ALLAH has relaxed the people to pray at night as per their ease. Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W) is asked to be patient with the non-believers. The non-believers will be punished like the Pharaoh (Firo’n). The contents of the surah are discussed below:

surah muzammil

The night prayer

The surah starts with the name of the Prophet, Muzammil. ALLAH says, the en-wrapped one: pray at night standing except for a small duration. For half night or a little less than that. Recite the Quran slowly. We will soon put a heavy word on you. No doubt getting up at night is pressing. No doubt during day time you have lots of work to do. Remember the name of ALLAH and be his absolutely abandoning all others. He is the GOD of the east and the west.


ALLAH says in Surah Muzammil:

Be patient over what non-believers say and leave them in good way. Leave the rich non-believers to me and give them a some time. No doubt we have blazing fire and massive shackles. Food that will suffocate and painful torture. On the day when the earth and mountains will tremble, and the mountains will become pile of sand, flowing.

Pharaoh’s Example

ALLAH gives the example of Pharaoh in Surah Muzammil:

No doubt we sent a messenger to you who is a witness over you. Like we sent a messenger to Pharaoh (Firo’n). But the Pharaoh (Firo’n) did not obey the messenger. So we caught him severely. Then how will you rescue yourself if you doubt the day which will make kids old. The sky will split from it’s grief. The promise of ALLAH will be fulfilled. No doubt this is an advice so whoever wants should take the way towards his GOD.

Night’s Prayer Relaxation

ALLAH says in Surah Muzammil:

No doubt your GOD knows that you stand up for prayer, sometimes near two thirds of night, sometimes mid night. And a group along with you. And ALLAH estimates the night and day. ALLAH knows that you cannot count the night. So ALLAH shows his mercy on you, read Quran as per your ease. ALLAH knows that soon some of you will fall ill and some will travel the earth to seek ALLAH’s fazal. And some will fight in the way of ALLAH. So recite quran as much as you can and say prayer and pay Zakat. And give good loan (Qarz-e-Hasana) to ALLAH. So whatever good you send forward, you will find a better and greater reward with ALLAH. And seek forgiveness from ALLAH. No doubt ALLAH is forgiving, merciful.

Please Note: We have not given exact translation or tafseer of Surah Muzammil. We have only described it’s contents. For exact translation and tafseer please consult authentic books.

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