surah yaseen


Surah Yaseen is Makki Surah. It’s chapter (Surah) number is 36 in Quran. The surah starts with Ya-Sin, the words are basically MuqattaʿātMuqattaʿāt means disconnected letters. The meanings of these letters are only known by ALLAH. These words are used in the opening of 29 surah in the Quran. Out of these 29 surah, four are named after their Muqattaʿāt words. These Surah are Ta-HaYa-SinSu-ad and Qaf. Surah Yaseen has 5 rukoos and 83 verses (aayats). The Surah is considered the heart of the Quran. Primarily because it covers the main themes of the Quran. The main topics of the Surah are described below:

surah yaseen

Surah Yaseen Topics

Muhammad, On Straight Path

Surah Yaseen starts with saying that Muhammad (S.A.W.W) is on the straight path. He was sent by ALLAH, the merciful. He was sent to warn people who were unaware. Most of them shall not believe. They cannot see anything, there are barriers in front of them and behind them. They won’t believe whether you warn them or not. We shall no doubt resurrect people. And we have written everything that they have sent forward (done).

People of The City

Further Surah Yaseen says that:

Narrate them the example of a city. We sent two people to them. They rejected them, so we sent the third one.  They said we have been sent to you. They said, no you are not, you are men like us, Rehman has not sent down anything, you are lying. They replied: ALLAH knows the best, we are responsible only for delivering the message. The people of the city said: If you do not abstain, we will stone you. From remote part of the city a man came and said: People of my nation, follow the sent ones. They are on the right path and do not demand any reward from you. And why should I not worship him (ALLAH) who created me, you will return to himI believe in him so listen to me. He was told to enter the garden. He wished that his people knew that ALLAH has forgiven him. And included him among those who were honored. The city was later destroyed with a scream.


Then Surah Yaseen describes signs of ALLAH:

And one of the sign is earth which is dead, we bring life to earth. The earth then brings crops. And we have made gardens of fruits such as, dates and grapes. And we have created springs. So that they can eat the fruits. Their hands did not make them. And one sign for them is night over which we bring the day. There is sun which runs to its scheduled place. There are stages of moon, till becomes like old branch of a palm tree. The sun cannot catch the moon. And the night cannot overcome the day. Each one is floating in an orbit.


Surah Yaseen says about the behavior of non-believers:

And whenever a sign comes from ALLAH, they turn away their faces. And when they are told to spend from what ALLAH has given them. They reply, should we feed those, whom if ALLAH wished, would have fed them. And they say, when will the promise come true, if you are right. They are waiting for a scream. Which will catch them while they are busy in worldly fights. They will neither be able to go home nor make a will.


Surah Yaseen says what will happen after bugle of the Qayamat is blown:

They are waiting for a scream, they all will come before us. After the scream they will all run towards ALLAH from their graves. They would say, who awakened us from our sleep. This was the promise of Rahman (ALLAH). Today you will get compensation according to your deeds. Those who are in heaven will enjoy it’s comforts. They and their wives will be relaxing on couches. They will have fruits and whatever they desire.

And the wrongdoers, separate now. Didn’t we take oath from you, not to worship the devil. He (devil) is your explicit enemy. And worship me (ALLAH), that is the straight path. And he (devil) has drifted many people from right path, didn’t you have wisdom? This is the hell which was promised.

Today we will seal their mouths. Their hands and will talk to us. And their feet will become witnesses of their deeds. We did not teach him (Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W) poetry, it is against his dignity. Just an advice and bright Quran. And we created cattle for them, they feed on them (cattle) and ride on them.

Don’t Worry Prophet (S.A.W.W)

At the end Surah Yaseen talks to the prophet about non-believers:

Don’t worry about what they talk. We know what they hide and what they show. Didn’t the man see that we created him from a sperm. And he has forgotten his birth. And says who will give life to the rotten bones. You (Prophet S.A.W.W) reply, he who created them the first time. And he knows every creation. He has produced fire for you from the tree. And he who created the sky and the earth. Can’t he make like them, why not. And he is the great creator.

Be, and It Is

Surah Yaseen ends with a beautiful ayat (verse):

When he intends to do anything, he just says, be and it becomes immediately. (Kun Fayakun).

He (ALLAH) is control over everything and you will return to him.


Please Note: We have not given exact translation or tafseer of Surah Yaseen. We have only described it’s contents. For exact translation and tafseer please consult authentic books.

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