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Please read the following basic rules that govern your use of this website. If you do not agree with these governing rules, please DO NOT use this website.

PakTangle.com may update or modify these rules from time to time without prior notice. Such changes will be immediately applicable to all users. For this reason, you are advised to visit this page whenever you use the website. Every user is expected to abide by these rules regardless of his/her nationality and seniority. You are encouraged to inform us if you feel that a certain user is violating any of these rules. You may do so by using Contact Us page. Violations may lead to a remedial action. PakTangle.com may report and cooperate with law enforcement agencies in severe cases of violation to apprehend the violator.

Responsibilities of Users

Please ensure that

  • If you are under 18 years of age, you will get permission from a parent, teacher or guardian before using this website.
  • You have read and fully understood our Privacy Policy and Disclaimer and agree with them (Please consider Privacy Policy and Disclaimer as parts of our Terms & Conditions)
  • Your posts will not contain any content or hyperlinks to external websites that violates copyright, patent, trade secret, trademark, service mark, trade dress, intellectual property rights or any other personal or proprietary rights of any third party or breach any applicable law. You may post such content only if you have acquired written permission from respective owner(s)/author(s) but you are required to give proper credit to the owner(s)/author(s) at the end of such posts. If you post content from an online newspaper, you must give proper credit to that newspaper along with direct hyperlinks to the web-pages containing that news or article.
  • You take full responsibility of your posts and any consequences that follow from such postings.
  • You will comply with constitution of Pakistan while using PakTangle.com. Please visit www.na.gov.pk/en/downloads.php to download the updated copy of Pakistani Constitution.
  • You will not engage in activities recognized as electronic/cyber crimes by Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) of Pakistan. FIA has established “National Response Center for Cyber Crimes” to deal with such types of crimes. Please visit http://www.nr3c.gov.pk/index.html for the details.
  • You will be respectful to Deities, Prophets, Imams, Avatars, Angels, Saints and Religious Figures of any religion/belief.
  • You will adopt a respectful tone while criticizing someone.
  • You will be courteous and respectful in your posts when having a difference of opinion. You will refrain from phrases such as “shut up” and “piss off” etc.
  • You understand that you grant us a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free license to adapt, copy, re-use, display, process, modify, publish, reproduce and distribute the content you post on PakTangle.com. You will not object if we provide the content of your posts to a third party or publish it in any form or display it elsewhere on PakTangle.com.

You Will Refrain From the Following Actions

  • Impersonating Others  Do not impersonate others or post any content that deceives other users about your true identity.
  • Using PakTangle.com for Illegal Activities  You cannot use PakTangle.com or its services for any criminal or terrorist activities.
  • Sharing Personal Information  Sharing your or other’s personal information such as home address / email address / landline number / mobile number / credit card number and debit card number etc is considered a serious offence.
  • Commenting Negatively PakTangle.com  You are not allowed to post negative comments about PakTangle.com or its policies and decisions.
  • Commercial Use of PakTangle.com or Its Content  PakTangle.com and its content are intended for your personal and non-commercial use only.
  • Posting One Liners  You are requested not to post one liners.
  • Shouting  Submitting contents in ALL CAPS is not allowed.
  • Flaming  Hostile or insulting interaction among users is prohibited.
  • Trolling  Please refrain from un-setting an on-topic discussion by posting provocative, extraneous or off-topic messages that upset users on PakTangle.com.
  • Bumping  Submitting a single word or useless message to attract attention is not allowed.
  • Spamming  Repeating the same word or phrase over and over, unpaid advertisements and links to websites containing malicious, abusive or otherwise unwanted information is not allowed.
  • Hacking  Getting unauthorized access to a user’s account or his/her computer system for enjoyment, getting information, causing damage or making profit is prohibited on/through PakTangle.com.
  • Posting Harmful Software/Computer Codes   You are not permitted to upload or post links to viruses, Trojan horses, time bombs, cancel bots, worms or other forms of harmful computer codes.
  • Unauthorized Advertisement on PakTangle.com   Your posts must not endorse or promote any business or any commercial products, goods or publications (including other websites). However, you may Contact Us for the advertisement of your business.
  • Posting Objectionable Content   Your posts must not include content which is
    • Blasphemous (PakTangle.comhas a zero tolerance policy towards blasphemy).
    • Antagonistic towards Government, Armed Forces, Security Agencies, Judiciary, Senior Politicians and Senior Government Officials of Pakistan.
    • Revealing any information that would be in breach of any Pakistani court order.
    • Racially or ethnically offensive.
    • Fraudulent / Misleading / Deceiving
    • Profane / Obscene / Vulgar
    • Abusive / Insulting
    • Harassing / Threatening / Bullying Others
    • Defamatory / Slanderous / Libelous
    • Disgraceful / Shameful
    • Harmful / Destructive
    • Vile / Hateful
    • Illegal / Unlawful
    • Sexually Explicit or Sexually Suggestive.
    • Pornographic or contains nudity or include links to such websites.
    • Inciting illegal activities or unlawful actions.
    • In violation of any Pakistani or international law (including cyber laws).
    • Is invading the privacy of any third party.
    • Constituting hate speech.
    • Promoting or condoning violence
    • Too shocking or graphic in nature.
    • Making fun of someone’s disability.

Policies & Rights of PakTangle.com

  • PakTangle.com has the right to shut down itself or its service(s) temporarily or permanently without prior notice or mentioning any reason.
  • We reserves all rights of the content PakTangle.com generates (Other than the contents from third party websites by means of hyperlinks, widgets or plug-ins). This content cannot be published elsewhere without acquiring permission from PakTangle.com.
  • To enforce forum rules, PakTangle.com has the right to take following remedial actions in case of a violation from a user.
  • Modifying an objectionable post.
  • Deleting an objectionable post.
  • Reporting and cooperating with law enforcement agencies to apprehend the violator.

PakTangle.com may take the above mentioned corrective actions without specifying any reason to its users.

  • The delay or failure of PakTangle.com to take remedial action(s) does not waive its right to do so.
  • Duplicate or similar posts may be removed by us.
  • PakTangle.com allows fair usage of copyright material by members in their posts. However we shall remove such posts if we receive a complaint from the author(s).
  • Some content has been made available on this website from other websites by means of hyperlinks, plug-ins and widgets. Since PakTangle.com does not control such websites, please understand that we are not responsible for the authenticity of their contentsWe do not recommend you to rely on the information provided in those plug-ins and widgets. Please read our Disclaimer for the details.
  • PakTangle.com uses different techniques to record your personal and non-personal information for a number of reasons. Please read our Privacy Policy that explains what information we collect, how we collect this information, why we collect this information and what is our policy regarding the disclosure of said information.
  • PakTangle.com does not allow its users to modify certain posts after submission. So think twice before submitting your posts.
  • For content management purposes, we may move a post to a more appropriate location/section on the website.
  • We may close a published article (or any other post) if we find it pointless, non productive or non progressive.
  • Posts containing contents in violation of Pakistani constitution or FIA’s electronic/cyber crimes policy will be removed and violator may be reported to FIA.
  • Articles 19 of Pakistani constitution guarantees freedom of speech and expression and freedom of the press with certain restrictions. However, If we have reasonable grounds to suspect that a user is abusing or misusing Articles 19, we shall ban him/her permanently. We shall also remove his/her abusive posts.
  • We may edit/remove sensitive content in user posts that can lead to troubles to ensure our own safety and the safety of our users.
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