Young Banana Vendor Looted by Protesters in Sheikhupura

Background :

Aasiya Noreen aka Aasiya Bibi was acquitted of blasphemy charges by Supreme Court on 31 September 2018. In response to her exoneration, far-right religious / political parties called for countrywide protests. During the subsequent protests, people turned violent. They blocked roads, damaged infrastructure, destroyed vehicles and clashed with paramilitary forces. Agitated mobs raised slogans against the government, judges, military and western countries. Pakistani government was forced to shut down mobile phones networks. Government advised people to refrain from travelling. A number of innocent people were targeted by angry protesters. This article is about a young banana vendor who was looted by protesters in Sheikhupura.

Banana Vendor Sheikhupura

The Incident of Looting Banana Vendor

Aasiay Bibi comes from Ittan Wali village of Sheikhupra. The city saw one of the largest protests in the country. A young boy was selling bananas on a donkey cart was looted by protesting mob. The incident was captured on mobile phone. The video clip went viral on internet.

The boy was selling bananas at Batti Chowk area when he was attacked by protesters. They raided his cart and ran away with the goods. The banana vendor struggled to protect his source of income with the help of a stick. One of the protesters tried to help him. They were outnumbered by the mob. The boy tried to drive the drive the cart away but the looters chased him. Even a young girl participated in the looting.
The banana vendor had a miserable look on his face when he tried to save his goods from the mob.


The incident was condemned by notable politicians, news channels, websites and law abiding citizens of Pakistan.

  • Information and Broadcasting Minister Fawad Chaudhry took notice of the incident and requested Punjab Government to trace the young vendor and compensate his loss.

  • Journalist Nazia Memon condemned the attacked on banana vendor on twitter.

  • Journalist Bilal Farooqi urged Pakistani State to act against the fanatics in his tweet.
  • President of People’s Youth Organization, Ayaz Buriro shared the incident video on his twitter account to expose the looters.
  • PakTangle strongly condemns the looting of banana vendor from Sheikhupura. The sad thing is that it all happened in the name of religion. The protesters clearly ignored the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) by looting an innocent boy who was earning a halal living by selling bananas. Government of Pakistan should take strict actions in this regard. The boy must be compensated for his loss.
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